Do you want to feel better and need support to do so?



My name is Michelle Bass. I have been offering counselling services for over 25 years. I offer individual, couples and family counselling. My approach is supportive and active, working alongside you to make changes in your life. Counselling makes a difference. There is a large amount of research that supports its efficacy.

Counselling makes a difference. I can help you:

Overcome stress, anxiety and panic

Feel better about yourself

Work through childhood traumas

Overcome depression

Reduce or abstain from problematic substances

Coach you in recovery

Provide you with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Manage chronic illnesses

Help you deal with procrastination

Support you through grief and loss

Discover meaning and purpose

Deal with parenting issues

Have meaningful and happier relationships

Provide you with Online Counselling


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Michelle Bass MSW, PhD, RSW

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1175 Cook Street, Suite 318

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(250) 818- 1623