Services Offered

Individual Counselling

What is Individual Counselling?


Counseling is a collaborative process in which a unique, confidential helping relationship is developed between a counselor and the  person seeking help. In individual counselling, I will help you explore the issues that you bring to counselling, in  a safe and non-judgmental relationship. Not only will you explore the problems but also you will gain an understanding of the solutions and how best to address them. This process often leads you to gain a sense of relief, obtain a more accurate understanding of yourself, your strengths and resources. It may mean connecting you with your deeper feelings and values and may enable  you to have a better sense of who you are and what is important to you This clarity will allow to make choices and decisions guided by self-awareness.

Couples Counselling

Sometimes couples get into difficulties and communication breaks down. Couples can get stuck into dysfunctional patterns and being together becomes stressful, unrewarding and your relationship may feel boring and dead. Couples counselling can help you address your difficulties and find new ways of communicating allowing you to rekindle the love you felt. Sometimes you realize you do not wish to continue the relationship and couples counselling can help you negotiate a separation that is not destructive to yourself and your children. 

Family Counselling

Family counselling is a very effective and helpful way to help families work through difficult and stressful times. Family members are not always aware how much a family is a system and that each person has an important part to play in making families happier.Family counselling works with all family members to find effective solutions to individual and family problems. People seek family counselling for parenting problems, illness, break down in communication and family reconciliation.

Online Counselling

If you are unable to access a counsellor in person then online counselling may be the option for you.  Confidential online counselling can be provided via Skype. Skype is free and can be downloaded from the internet. You will need a webcam and a microphone. 

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